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Cloze Test Worksheet

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When Travis and his family were eating dinner they heard the brassy blare of a bull who wanted to fight. A second bull answered from somewhere over by the Salt-Licks. Their cabin had been built on a high knoll and all the brush and trees surrounding the cabin had been cleared away. One time Papa had shot a Comanche off his horse. The first bull was what the Mexicans called a "chongo" or droop horn. A split-rail fence surrounded their cabin. The second bull was the red roan with shorter horns than the first bull. Old Yeller emerged from behind the house and charged the bulls. He changed his mind when Travis threatened to throw a rock at him. This upset Arliss who had to be calmed down by his mom. The bulls charged and met each other head-on with a crash. Roany went down but was quickly back on his feet. He then charged Chongo and the two bulls crashed into the fence, toppling Travis to the ground where he was almost trampled. The bulls hit the cabin so hard that it shook. Travis grabbed the rawhide whip and headed out the door, but the bulls were too angry at each other for him to stop the fight. Finally Roany was flipped up onto a cart and rolled down the hill. Roany ended up in the water at the bottom of the hill and headed off into the timber. Chongo made the mistake of trying to lick the spinning wheel, which hurt his tongue, sending him off in the opposite direction.

Travis bull Salt-Licks knoll Comanche chongo split-rail shorter emerged rock Arliss mom charged crash Roany crashed trampled shook rawhide angry cart bottom timber wheel tongue

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15 March 2013

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