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It was a dark and cold night in the old forest, and I was not happy to be there alone. The wind was making a lot of noise and branches of trees were breaking and falling to the ground. Then it began to snow and I was scared that I had lost my way in the dark. The good thing was that my old dog, Patch, was with me, and I knew that I could trust him, because he had a good nose, and I saw that he lifted up his nose and sniffed the air. "What is it, Patch?" I said, looking at him. "What can you smell?" Patch looked at me and barked loudly 3 times. Then, I looked through the trees and saw a light. I was very scared, but Patch barked 3 more times and ran towards the light. "Wait for me Patch" I shouted, and I ran after him. Then I heard a voice calling "Jack, is that you Jack?" It was my mother, and the light was from the open door of our house. I was home safe! Patch had smelt the soup that my mother had cooked. I rubbed Patch dry from the snow, and then I sat at the table to eat a big bowl of good hot soup. What do you think? Did Patch have soup also?

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6 November 2023

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