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My Horrible Birthday Party

Instructions: Mercury Colleges Review Task Week: 9 Level: Intermediate Task: Writing Skills  / Error Correction Can you find the mistakes in the text below? Look carefully, then rewrite the passage ...


9 February 2017

mercurycolleges Author Country Flag Australia

file 9 intermediate error correction

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Being Clumsy is Humorous

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Target Language: I have done many clumsy things while I am teaching in class. The first clumsy thing is that I constantly drop chalk. It makes a mess after it hits the floor! Sometimes there is no ...


27 November 2014

paigeappleyard Author Country Flag Canada

It's a paragraph I wrote to help show organization and in error form to work on proofreading skills. I hope you find it useful!

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Weekly Homework #12

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Target Language: Correct these sentences. 1. billy learned us how to carve sculptures from ...


3 November 2013

mjays Author Country Flag United States of America

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