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Ask your partner the question below and answer from the words at the top of the page. Write down their answers.

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                                         (him, her, it, them)                                          (she, he, it, they)100% Yes, I love ...... .                                         40% No, not really....... Amazing!                                                       .......OK80% Yes, I like......                                                20%  No, I dont!......Good / Great!                                                  ........Terrible!                                          60% I kind of like ...... .                                        .....Not Bad ! Do you like?                   1. Watching soccer             ___________________________2. Hot weather                    ___________________________3. Cheese                           ____________________________4. Black Mayonaise             ____________________________5. Starbucks coffee               ____________________________6. Reading manga               ____________________________ 7. Ikuei tandai                    ____________________________8. Reading comics               ____________________________9. Waking up in the morning____________________________10.  Taylor Swift                 ____________________________

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26 June 2014

kathleenume Author Country Flag Japan

For Junior College Conversation class

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