Everyday Emergencies

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What is the most annoying day to day frustration? When things don't work or forgetting something important? Choose ONLY 10 of the situations below and order them from 1=most annoying to 10=least annoying. Adapted from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3193957/Phone-charging-goes-retro-Tiny-12-Nipper-uses-AA-batteries-gadgets-emergency-boost.html#ixzz3iXU5SmO8 

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  Item Rank Forgetting your bank card when paying for an item   Discovering you are out of toilet roll whilst on the loo ... oh dear   You just miss the bus or the tube   You think of something brilliant but then forget what you were going to say   Running out of milk   Printer not working when you need to print something    Losing an important paper or document   Someone sits in front of you who is taller than you and you can't see   Having a guest who just won't leave   Losing your keys   Not being able to sleep   Your self-service checkout breaks down at the supermarket   It's raining but you've forgotten your umbrella   Being stuck in traffic when already late    Nowhere to park   Your straw disappears into a bottle   Running out of battery on your mobile phone   Dealing with machine operated customer service on the phone   Papercuts ... ouch   Now compare your list with a classmate and give reasons for your choices.  

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11 August 2015

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Speaking activity

19 November 2015

gramarye Country Flag Australia

I really like this as a paired speaking activity

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