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Mingle and chat with the other students. Try to find someone for each of the boxes below. Write their name in the box. You can only write a person's name in one box so be sure to speak to as many people as possible!   Has lived overseas:       Likes Italian food:   Can speak a foreign language:   Has read "To Kill a Mockingbird":   Has 2 sisters:       Gets up early in the morning: Likes baseball:   Plays soccer:   Can play the bass guitar:       Has had dancing lessons:   Has a big family:   Listens to Taylor Swift:   Has a pet cat:       Is good at drawing:   Exercises daily:   Has a nut allergy:     Well done! You can now play a game of bingo using the names of people in your class!

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30 August 2019

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This interview game encourages students to mingle and get to know a little about the other students in their group by asking questions to complete the grid. You can extend this by playing a game of "Bingo" at the end.

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