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Error Correction Worksheet Maker

activity information

Level: Intermediate +

Skills: Reading, Writing.

Target Language: A passage of text.

Activity Goal: Improve students' understanding of the rules of English capitalisation and punctuation. Improve students' spelling skills. Train students to be able to read a passage of text carefully and think critically.

Summary: This worksheet maker intelligently and automatically introduces common English mistakes into a passage of text that you enter. You can choose from any or all of the following error types: Punctuation (including the dreaded greengrocers' apostrophe), capitalisation, spelling, commonly-confused homophones (such as your vs. you're) and repeated words. Students must identify and correct the mistakes. This worksheet maker is designed for English input only.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets.
  2. Students find as many mistakes as they can and make corrections to the passage.
  3. Get feedback as a group, having students volunteer answers. Discuss the grammar points raised by the mistakes if applicable.

Notes and Ideas:

  • You can choose to have answer lines printed below the passage if you'd prefer for students to write out the corrected passage in full.
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