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Word Scramble

Target Language: Elizabeth Robert Marry Contry Heir Throne Cecil Philip II Husband Lovers Wedding England Children Love Childhood Sweetheart King Queen Spain Armarda


11 July 2012

Graceyarmy Author Country Flag United Kingdom

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World War II in Europe: Comprehension

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Target Language: When did World War II take place? 1939 - 1945 What European countries made up the Allies and the Axis powers? Allies: Britain, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Netherlands,...


21 June 2012

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

Comprehension written exercise on World War II, focusing on the European Theatre of war.
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Martin Luther King

Target Language: Atlanta Pastor Boycott Rosa Parks Segregation Protests Birmingham March Civil Rights Nobel Prize Voting Bus


20 March 2011

island25 Author Country Flag Australia

History: Wordsearch with some words about this US Civil Rights Movement leader.

Can be used to review and/or lead into discussion about the movement's issues.

Introductory notes are available at

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